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I am now building set ups that will rotate your drum with a gear drive motor. These will be a bolt on set up, adjustable to suit most grills. The set up will include a 57 rpm gear drive motor, aluminum platform, switch box, couplings with rubber spider, and mounting hardware. These are custom ordered. E-Mail for more information or to place an order.
 Include these measurments with your order.
1- The height from the top of your frame rails or your tray to the center line of your rotisserie rod.
2 Also tell me if you are going to mount to the frame rails or the tray. and which side you will be mounting the motor on (facing the front of our Grill)
3. The distance from the back side of your frame rail or tray to the spit rod.
Note that the pictures where it is attached to the grill are of a test unit, mounted on wood.
The finish product will be mounted on 4" X 1/4" aluminum, which is directly below this text.
I tested this set up with 4 lbs of green coffee. It works like a charm.
Pre heated  grill to 510 degrees, lock-n-load. first crack at 14:30, 2nd crack at 17 min. apporaching rolling 2nd crack 17:45 this is where I pulled the drum and dumped the beans for cooling. I really like this set-up, and know it will be a nice addition to the RK Roasting Drum.
This is a bolt on unit, but will require some adjusting to suit your grill.
$125 free shipping in continental USA
E mail me for shipping cost outside the continental USA

click here to order via E-Mail

This is the complete assembley 57rpm gear drive
It is a bolt on unit, custom made to fit your grill
Actual set up in My grill
Just bolt it on.

This is Allen's new dedicated Coffee Roaster
Using a RK Drum and Motor Assembly

Another view
Completely wired, just attach and plug it in


Wired to a switch box, easy on, easy off
This motor will give you a great mix, for even roasts
Thermal Protection
Continuous Duty

CLICK HERE TO Order or for information

57 RPM gear drive motor
Finished product will have a Aluminium base
Just another view
Includes a drive coupling and hardware
testing set-up with 4 lbs of Tanzania Peaberry
Just before closing lid to test 4 lbs. of coffee

A sample of the test roast
roasted just short of rolling 2nd crack