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Picture Gallery
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This a gallery for owners of a RK Roasting Drum can post their pictures.
Just E-mail your pictures, and I will post them to this gallery
Mike Smith's 35K Char-Broil set up
Mike Smiths Grill Roaster
This is a 35K btu gas grill
Mike did a great job installing the RK Drum
Its easy Mike had it up and roasting in no time
Notice the Tiles Mike used to line the grill
Acts as a flame defuser, and adds radiant heat
These are pictures of Richard Currier's set up in a 22K Webber
Dick Curriers set up in a Webber 22K Grill
Yes you can roast in 22K grill nice job Dick

These pictures were sent in by Eric Evans

Eric Evans shows off his new RK Roasting Drum
Gas grill roasting is becoming very popular
Eric's set up, Very neat and clean
Eric, nice job, I really like the clean apperance
Paul and Nancy Cordes BBQ roaster
38k grill, RK Drum and new pair of gloves

Paul Kerber's set up

This is Paul Kerber's set up.
Nice job Paul Looks Great

Notice Paul's motor coupling

Paul uses a geat drive motor
Notice the metal coupling