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This page will contain any important news about the RK roasting drum

I am constantly trying to improve the RK roasting drum. Since its conception, I have tried several changes. The first was that the vanes tended to trap some beans in and around the ends. I worked on a tighter bend on the vanes, and this really helped. The pin was hard to pull, and it drum owners lost the clip on occasion. I added a chain, so it stays with the drum. I also reduced the bend in the clip to make it easier to pull. I now bend it so it will not go past the first notch in the clip, and this helped even more.
I have been working on a new vane configuration, to make it easier to obtain an even roast, using a 3 or 6 rpm motor. I have built 3 different configuration, and have been doing some extensive testing.
The orginal drum is a great drum, but can be a bit difficult obtaining and even roast with the standart 3 and 6 rpm motor. Some people had no trouble and some did. Controlling the ramp up to first crack, seemed to be the trick.
A drum owner told me he had no trouble getting even roast, I also had little or no trouble. Here is what he had to tell me. Pre heat to 470 degrees load the drum, the temps drop to about 400 and will climb back up to 470 in about 6 min. When 1st. crack starts, lower the temp to 440 and let it complet first and creep into 2nd. I tried it and it works real good.
I have found in my latest testing with a new design that it is now easier to get and even roast with a standart 6 rpm motor. I did not have a 3 rpm motor to test this new design, but feel it will work just fine. It is no trouble at all getting and even roast with the 57 rpm motor I have made available, but I still wanted to make it easier for those who wanted to use a standard slower rotisserie motor. I have not changed much from the orginal design, as it was a very good design. Just 2 slight changes seem to make a diffence. This drum will be available by 6/1/04 and from then on.

All products from time to time, get revised and RK Roasting Drums is no exception . I know you will like the new design as well , and even better then the orginal.
Those who are orginal drum owners interested in buying one of the new drums, I will be offering a 10% discount on the new drum.
Just let me know that this is a new purchase from a orginal drum owner.
Thanks for your support.
BTW   drums shipped as of 6/1/04 are of the new design. If you have any questions about wether you have the new design or the orginal design please contact me by E-Mail 

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