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These profiles were developed using a 35K btu gas grill, and an 6 rpm standard rotisserie motor to rotate the drum. These profiles are a good starting point for your first roasting session with the new drum.
Remember each grill is a little different and you may have to adjust the profile to suit your grill.

Roasting Profiles for small loads up to 2 lbs


1.       Preheat grill to 470 degrees, give it time to stabilize

2.       Load a cold drum with greens

3.       Install the drum in the grill, and close lid, working as quickly as possible, so as not to loose too much heat.

4.       The grill will drop to about 395 to 420 degrees. It should come back up to temp in about 6 to 7 min.

5.       Adjust if you have to but be patient. Keep the grill at 445 to 455

6.       First crack should start between 11 min and 13 min depending on the amount of greens.

7.       I leave the grill at 465 to 470

8.        Second crack should start between 12 and 15 min. depending on the amount of green you are roasting

9.       Just as second starts, I cut the heat back to low and let it coast to desired finish. Remember it will take a little time to stop the motor, pull the pin (I use needle nose pliers), get the drum out of the heat, open the door and dump the beans into the cooling tray, so stop short of your target about 15 to 20 sec. to hit the target roast. Make sure you use gloves that can with stand 500 degrees, for about 20 to 30 sec.


If a city of light full city roast is desired dump the beans before 2nd crack occurs, or just a snap or two into 2nd crack

It is good idea to have a fan and a perforated or screened cooling tray, to cool the beans and stop the roasting process.

You may have to adjust your temps, each grill is different, and smaller loads tend to roast faster. I found that a grill that is to hot will cause fast roast times and uneven roasts.


Use protection to prevent burns.



Roasting profile for 3 to 4 lbs


Roasting larger amounts of greens will need more heat

  1. Preheat grill to 525 degrees
  2. Install cool drum and greens, as quickly as possible to avoid loosing too much heat
  3. The grill temp will drop to about 460
  4. I leave the grill alone, let it come back up to 525 degrees.
  5. Try to keep it between 515 and 530 degrees
  6. First crack should happen around 14 to 16 min.
  7. Second crack should happen at 17 to 18 min.
  8. As second starts lower heat to low and let it coast to finish
  9. Be prepared for lots of smoke, and very hot beans


Remember each grill will perform differently, and you may have to adjust your grill accordingly.

City or light full city roast should be stopped after first crack or a snap or two into second crack.

You will have to stop short of your target roast, 15 to 20 seconds, to allow for the time it takes to stop the motor, raise the hood, remove the drum, and dump the beans in a suitable cooling tray. Its suggested using a fan and a perforated or screen cooling tray.

I use needle nose pliers to pull the clip.

   CAUSTION The drum and beans will be hot and can

                               Cause burns

Always use protective gloves that will withstand 500 degrees for 30 sec. or more.